Heroes, Saints and Clowns

Heroes, Saints and Clowns

Heroes, Saints and Clowns brings together an impressive set of improvisers, including Paul Hanson on tenor sax and bassoon (acoustic and with effects); Jeff Denson on double bass and five-string fretless electric bass; trombonist John Gove; Dillon Vado on vibraphone and percussion; and Greg Sankovich on piano, organ, and keyboards. They’re joined on several tracks by Oregon’s Paul McCandless on English horn and oboe, and cellist Joseph Hebert.

Together they use an electro-acoustic sonic palette to interpret a program of improvised and through-composed music ranging from the satirical to the sublime, from the serene to the disruptive. Hall, who blurs boundaries between composition and improvisation, uses his ensemble as a brush to paint musical portraits ranging from chamber jazz and tone poems to pieces with the moodiness of Mingus, the zaniness of Zappa, and the serialism of Stravinsky. Learn more about Ratatet and Alan Hall at ratatet.com

Heroes, Saints and Clowns available June 22, 2018.

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