Susana Pineda

Susana Pineda

Even before her debut in the United States in 2013, Susana Pineda had been acclaimed by the music community of her hometown, Medellin, Colombia, and continues to be sought after in the USA for her unique balance of subtlety and creativity.

From an early age, Susana showed signs of an artistic and creative mind. Her upbringing in Colombia gave her a foundation of color, song, and dance, as is reflected by the festive culture of Medellín.

Following her high school graduation at La Colegiatura Colombiana, a private visual arts and design school, she traveled to Brazil. It was in Brazil that her life changed forever when she decided to pursue a degree in music.

When Susana returned to Medellín, she began her studies as a vocal jazz major at the university of EAFIT. It was during this time that she studied under Colombian singer-songwriter, Claudia Gomez, and American jazz pianist, Samuel Farley.

After taking a masterclass from American vocal teacher, Madeline Eastman, Susana decided to go to the United States to continue her jazz studies. Susana is now a graduate of the California Jazz Conservatory where she was able to study with musicians such as  Marcos Silva, John SantosDann ZinnTheo BleckmannKai EckhardtJeff DensonJackie RagoLaurie AntonioliSandy Cressman and more.

In 2016, Susana, released her first album with one of her music projects, Opaluna, a modern jazz duo with highly acclaimed Bay Area guitarist, Luis Salcedo. Opaluna’s debut album was released under the Ridgeway Records record label and inaugurated the Rising Stars program of the non-profit organization, Ridgeway Arts. To premier their album debut, Opaluna toured throughout Colombia and the United States. Susana is now soon to release her second album with her new project : Susana Pineda & The New Quartet.

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